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By: Michael Lancto

Set Sail On a New Global Opportunity

The cruise industry is a $46 Billion dollar a year industry, and INCREASING EVERY year. In many countries around the world, cruise lines are experiencing incredible growth. And with great growth comes great opportunity.

Being the first travel club exclusive to the cruise market creates endless marketing opportunities to families, seniors, singles, companies, friends, co-workers, and others in 190+ countries across the globe.

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Genuine Product. Real Savings.

As a marketing partner, you will offer a real, viable product that provides real-world value to people. Members will enjoy cruises on 5,000+ cruises on the major cruise lines.

The best part is, your out of pocket will be a fraction of what others on board will be paying or for FREE!!

In addition to the savings, members can earn Cruise Dollars that you can exchange to reduce or pay for your cruises entirely. Plus a 100% money-back guarantee.

Introducing The First Ever Travel Club

Exclusively Focused On The Cruise Market

Enjoy These 2 Informative Videos

-1- Monthly Reward Points

An InCruises' Membership is $100 per month with a $100 activation fee. Every month InCruises matches your $100 with another $100 in your Reward Points (previously called 'Cruise Dollars').

You literally have an accumulating asset every month of $200. These Reward Points never expire and you can use them for your cruises or with InCruises' new Hotel and Resort 'InStays'.

-2- Incentive Cruise Dollars

Top Leaders in Activations each week and each month will earn up to $500 in additional Reward Points. Winners Can use these additional Reward Points towards any of our Cruises, Hotels or Resorts.

-3- We Strive for Five

As an InCruises' Partner/Member - once you have 5 members paying $100/month - you are Membership FREE. This means you do not have to pay your $100 each month, however InCruises will now deposit $200 into your InCruises account every month you maintain at least 5 active members.

-4- Instant Pay

Earn Instant Pay Bonuses of $50.00 to $150.00 each time you personally enroll a new Partner/Member (someone that becomes a Partner and a Member) during a natural calendar month. See illustration below...

When a Partner/Member signs up a Membership Only, there is a $20 commission paid. However, this is held to the end of the month, because if the $100/month member decides to pay the $195 one-time cost to also be a Partner (in the same calendar month as they paid their initial $100 membership, then the $20 commission is changed to the appropriate Instant Pay Bonus in the chart Above.

-5- Fast Start Action Package

The Fast Start Action Package income is valued at $4,750 and 250 in Reward Points that can be earned within your first 90 days. For all the details CLICK HERE for a full explanation.

-6- UniLevel Compensation

Marketing Directors and above are paid $5 USD up to 20 LEVELS, based on your Rank Achievement, for every Membership payment made by any Member you refer and Members referred by your Partner Team, each and every month. You unlock each level with each direct Partner that has 5 or more direct active members.

-7- Weekly Matching Bonuses

Earn a 100% MATCH of all instant bonuses earned by your direct Partners once they reach 5 Activation points during any given week. Members = 1 pt, Partners = 1 pt and Partner/Members = 2 pts.

The 5 points required in order for you to earn the weekly matching bonus, is a TOTAL point count taking into ALL your direct Partners' activations each week.

You need to personally sponsor at least 1 NEW direct Member or Partner/Member during the qualifying week. Matching bonuses are paid each Monday Morning.

-8- Monthly Leadership Bonuses

Leadership Bonuses and Rank Achievement - We pay our top producing leaders a Monthly Leadership bonus for achieving and maintaining 1 of 7 rank achievements based on total team production goals. The first bonus level is $300.00 per month and the maximum bonus level is $55,000 per month and your entire team’s membership sales production counts for these bonuses (no limits!).

These Team Leadership bonuses are generated from your entire team's production of direct and indirects down to infinity (no limits!). See illustration...

-9- Global New Production Bonus

This exclusive Board of Directors bonus is funded with 5% of your Team's total new membership production volume from the previous month. Team means ALL of the Partners enrolled below you.

New production means the new production of Memberships and does not include any Partner fees. This bonus is paid on ALL levels and does not take into account any 'per leg maximum' requirements.

As a member of the Board of Directors, here is how you can earn an additional 5% of your teams new production each month:

-10- Incentive Reward Points

Earn 250 Incentive Reward Points each time you personally enroll FIVE New Partner Members within your 'compensation calendar month'. Your compensation calendar month is always the calendar month following your enrollment date. So if you enroll on the 5th of the month, your compensation calendar month will always be from the 5th of the current month to the 5th of the following month. You can earn up to a maximum of 500 Incentive Reward Points in a 'compensation calendar month'.

Vacation in Style and Comfort

At normal Cruise prices, cruises are 30% to 50% cheaper than land based vacations, but you will in many cases that your cruise has more style, more comfort, better service, entertainment like what you would expect in Las Vegas or Branson, Missouri.

You will find a cruise vacation less stressful, more relaxing and more romantic.

On a cruise, you can also visit more exciting places and countries all over our wonderful world. Plus with Your InCruises Cruise Dollars your savings will be even more, Much More!

InCruises Resources

• Your FREE personalized company website is translated into English and 15 additional languages.

• Your FREE professional email account

• Your own FREE personalized Interactive Online Presentation called Duplicator with autoresponder that also connects directly with your Facebook Marketing.

• Live and On-demand video trainings weekly

• Connect - An embedded online meeting tool

• Mobile apps to manage your business on the go

• Lots of Professional Marketing Materials

And Much More!

Why Join with Our Team

• Our team is called the VIP Cruising Club.

• Our Team Leadership has FOUR full-time coaches to assist you from day one until you reach your goals.

• Our Team also holds live weekly webinars with Q&A so all your questions are answered, and you learn all the best skills for success.

• We record and archive our webinars, and we have a very robust training website for 24/7/365 support.

• Our team also provides you with a Marketing Funnel personalized for you with 7 lead capture pages, a video landing page, a full autoresponder and a contact manager, all for no cost to you.

• We love doing 3-way calls or Video Chats with you and your prospects, to greatly help you to help them.

Plus we have FREE $100 Drop Cards (better than business cards), fantastic Polo Shirts with our Marketing Logo embroidered on them, & tons of marketing training including Social Media.

Complete Cruise Booking Freedom: Members can book any cruise in the world and receive all the benefits of the Membership. There is no other company in the world that has anything like this.

How Would You Like To Be Among The First To Offer This

Exclusive Cruise Club Membership Product To The World?

We have more tools, resources, webinars, replicated team webpages and millionaire support than you will find anywhere. We love this business and have a passion to help others.

Come Join with our team and me. You will never regret it.

Michael Lancto

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